We have been asked by Twitter to stop mass unfollowing. So, of course, we will.

The official cut off date is May 21st, but we will be stopping over the next couple of days (ie, well before cut off). Our intent has always been to do the right thing by Twitter & we will continue to operate within their guidelines to the extent of our ability.

We will attempt to complete all existing unfollowing obligations before that date, although those accounts wanting 50k+ unfollowed we may just have to do as many as we can. Obviously we need to stay on the right side of Twitter, or risk having our API access removed altogether.

After that, we will still offer reports, & you'll still be able to unfollow dodgy accounts - just one at a time. We've had extensive discussions with Twitter & they have told us that unfollowing one at a time is ok with them.

At this point I can't say how much of an overlap there will be between old style (mass) & new style (one at a time) reports, so we may shift into a read only period for a while (reports but no unfollowing).

The key point right now is this: If you want to get a mass clean of your account done, I suggest doing it very soon, as we will be stopping this any day now.