Who have we unfollowed for you?

Posted by Si Dawson on 21/05/12 in Improvements

There's now a page where you can see who you've unfollowed from your reports.

You can look by year, month and day.

If you've got a super huge account, it might be a little slow, and some of the really old data might be missing (for example, we didn't start recording the reasons for unfollowing until a few months back). Since you're digging through archives, it's a part of the system that's probably not worth optimising the heck out of.

Those caveats aside, it's a reasonably good summary and should make it easier to refollow people, if you so desire.

Retweets, How Am I, Report Sorting

Posted by Si Dawson on 01/05/12 in Improvements

I've added a few tweaks.

You can now see all about Retweets. I added this because Twitter removed it from their site (it's still there, sort of, under "Interactions"). The retweets page allows you to see who has retweeted you, who you've retweeted, and also see what any other Twitter user has been retweeting. Note that this only displays New Style RTs, since that's all the API will give us.

You can now also see a How Am I report for any Twitter user. So yes, that's basically directly querying our database (although if the user you ask for isn't in the database, we'll scoot over to Twitter, get their info and analyse it for you).

Finally, I've also sorted the Absent users ("Other Dodgy Behaviour, Now Absent" and "No Activity In Over A Month") on the reports by age. Those who have been gone the longest are first. That should help you prioritise a little better.

Have fun!