Feedback over the last four years

Posted by Si Dawson on 10/03/13 in ThankYou

I've met so many incredible people, and had so many wonderful experiences over the last few years. Here are a few of the beautiful things people have said about Twit Cleaner in return.

Thank you all, from my heart.




  • @2noame
    Just used @TwitCleaner to clean out who I follow. Pretty useful little tool. I give it the thumbs up if you're looking to do some cleaning.

  • @pipinuk1
    this is a serious tool to use clean up your Twitter act easy and quick well worth it

  • @Cascabelcreativ
    Twit Cleaner - interesante #app para saber la interacción de tus seguidores de #Twitter @TwitCleaner #rrss

  • @elh1980
    Thank you :) Got it, and what would have taken me all year, has taken an hour !!! Now following, have a great day :) xx

  • @MelissaPlimmer
    Using @TwitCleaner to tidy up my twitter account, highly recommended #qualitynotquantity

  • @chrischasescars
    Hey, nice app you've designed. Really handy. Cheers!

  • @redsoxsweetpea
    Goodbye non follower inactive people and people who spam! Thank you you #twitcleaner

  • @betaburns
    I still love you.

  • @LizzyCharles_
    Oh! I love @TwitCleaner !! YAY!!!

  • @Callxmexdaddie
    I can forever be lazy since I have @TwitCleaner . Thank you ?

    Is the best!! Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work!! Please donate to them so they can keep providing amazing help!

  • @RivernorthCCT
    we love @TwitCleaner

  • @GenericZA
    found your site by accident but have to say I'm glad I did, bestest Twitter app I've seen with an exclamation mark!

  • @MaaikevSteenis
    Handige tool zeg, dat @TwitCleaner Helpt om je tweetline schoon te houden van spambots.

  • @dazimac
    This @TwitCleaner app is tremendous, it's like taking a razor sharp Samurai sword to your Twitter account. #Boss

  • @Ben_Jammin_85
    Just discovered @TwitCleaner #QualityApp!!!

  • @TerrillCharming
    Try this @TwitCleaner tool out. You wont be sorry.

  • @BeadandBobs
    Fab little tool, thank you!! #followthepenguin

  • @SuSmithJosephy
    Seriously cannot say HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE the excellent @Twitcleaner great app, courteous service! #notabot either :)

  • @SarahMegson
    Just did a @TwitCleaner on my account. Really interesting report and unfollowed all the unnecessary ones! Check it out, highly recommend.

  • @blogbrevity
    Time for some Twitter house cleaning this morning! A great tool I use is @TwitCleaner. :)

  • @michaelsgoods
    Okay @TwitCleaner is super helpful if you need to get clear some of who you're following.

  • @elysianstudios
    Just cleaned up my Twitter account! Thanks @TwitCleaner You all are awesome!

  • @NoSomebody
    So, Twitcleaner is actually very useful. People who haven't tweeted in months brought to the top so you can see them. I recommend.

  • @Carol_Stephen
    My favorite tool for managing followers is @TwitCleaner. Easy to use, funny names. Did I mention easy to use? And funny lists!

  • @socialhighs
    Wicked service!!

  • @Georgia_Perez
    thank you very much! This is great!

  • @dgmommyblogger
    Thank you! Your service ROCKS!

  • @eops
    Props to @TwitCleaner that really does make some interesting reading.

  • @DelDryden
    And once again, @TwitCleaner functions exactly within desired parameters. That'll do, twitcleaner. That'll do.


  • @hyquality
    ahhh i just love @TwitCleaner easiest way for me to clean out my TL.

  • @arthurbarbato
    I used @TwitCleaner to eliminate 2,000 bots and spammers.

  • @Bernardoluzardo
    Solo debo escribir: Que extraordinaria resultó ser la aplicación de @TwitCleaner -!

  • @cjbeach1
    Twit cleaner works so well lmao

  • @Absinthe_Dragon
    This is an amazing tool @TwitCleaner :)

  • @Mieldazis
    You have created a great tool. I passed it along. Thanks!

  • @Sihegee
    Love it. Try

  • @Prawny2004
    GOD DAMN @TwitCleaner is good!!!

  • @Eccles9
    Thanks to the folks at @TwitCleaner for helping me to see the forest through the trees in my feed -

  • @StusFood
    Had another Twitter clear out. Used @TwitCleaner which is a great app. Shows you bots/dodgy you're following etc.

  • @lorettarox
    Thank YOU! :O)

  • @HausOfSex
    I'm loving @TwitCleaner. lol

  • @ArianaAura

  • @10engineer72
    thanks Si, as always twitcleaner is amazing :)

  • @dahlila
    Thank you! Great program. ;)

  • @IamRedFraggIe
    I've found @TwitCleaner to be the most useful - and its free :)

  • @nesimtunc
    Twit Cleaner harikaymis! Bence hemen denemelisiniz! Adi ustunde cok guzel temizlik yapiyor @TwitCleaner Ornek:Sekil-A

  • @ChristinaAuthor
    Just for the record, you're awesome Twit Cleaner!

  • @cosmoksmom
    Thanks! U r awesome, u have helped me tremendously :)

  • @SurvivBeautiful
    Love your service!

  • @Peady
    It's a @TwitCleaner kind of day! I am #thankful it exists! #HappyThursday #ThankfulThursday

  • @mTullia
    really liking @TwitCleaner - handy scan of info but you make the choices (eg to delete awol tweeps or antisocial spammers).

  • @shar76
    try Rids u of the so-called dead wood, and doesn't post anything on your TL, I love @TwitCleaner

  • @MsRock4Ever
    What can I say? I love @TwitCleaner! Have a great week, Si and Thank YOU!

  • @JillA165
    Nice little sweep up courtesy of @TwitCleaner via has sorted the diamonds from the rough. ;D

  • @WadeyWade
    I recommend @TwitCleaner

  • @marcemdn
    Ja ja ja -.muy buena la @TwitCleaner ¡Clean your tweetStream!

  • @ArianaGTexas
    Twitcleaner is gr8

  • @granolasusan
    just spent a few minutes using @TwitCleaner to survey my twitter follows -nice way to clean up the list and organize

  • @TheFantasyNerd
    Need help cleaning up your Twitter timeline? Use @TwitCleaner like I do. Very useful.

  • @Tunnelbreeze
    Mr Dawson is my hero. Great APP Si:)))))))))

  • @forgetme_never
    of course!!! I've tried a lot of "cleaners" and you're the best!!!

  • @kimhalligan1
    Use @TwitCleaner I have many times. Always makes the job of cleaning up your twitter feed easy. Never had a problem with it.

  • @David_Fenn
    Without doubt, the best timeline bullshit cleaner available! Thank you, Si ! Can't recommend enough!

  • @ManicMippisMum
    The lovely @TwitCleaner running a scan for me, by far the best I've used :-)

  • @dindomagallanes
    great service!

  • @GarrettSammons
    @TwitCleaner is a life saver! Believe it

  • @ellembee
    So this @TwitCleaner app is pretty good.

  • @Tetracarbon
    Thank you @TwitCleaner. It's hard to network with there is so much NOISE clouding the right messages.

  • @MsRock4Ever
    The Twit Cleaner tool at is great for a more efficient following and Si, creator of Twit Cleaner is great!

  • @simonjhughes
    Thanks very much, like the visual nature of the report. #Twitter #analytics

  • @kezzaseery
    I Love @TwitCleaner :) x

  • @beardedsalmon
    is my saviour! brilliant!

  • @amichetti
    I love Twit Cleaner sooooo much!

  • @Septimus216
    Just playing with your "app" and it's very cleverly done. Hats off to you for the stats code.

  • @teresalo_tweets
    But on the same note I love @TwitCleaner app!

  • @hcobieber
    ilysm @TwitCleaner xxx

  • @Typefacesocial
    @TwitCleaner is amazing! #twitcleanerappreciationsociety

  • @JC_2nd
    Twitcleaner is fantastic

  • @QueenPhillippa
    I love Twit cleaner.

  • @openbuds
    Awesome clean up again , unwanted potential bots / spam and those who don't follow. everything here #twitcleaner

  • @antjie_somers
    perfect solution at @TwitCleaner they give you extensive report!! The best ever ;-)

  • @mikeytheweasel
    love using @TwitCleaner to clean my follower/following lists, theyre fast, efficient, and have great sense of humor!

  • @bend_time
    i like Twit Cleaner better. its more informative and FREE

  • @UnchainedCoach
    Thanks to Si @TwitCleaner - gonna get the list all clean and shiny again in no time!

  • @buterasrauhl
    Wow I really love twitcleaner

  • @Tzadhiqua
    ThankYou for making My Life so much #CLEANER I can finally #FOLLOW again #BLESSEDLOVE

  • @evrbeautiful
    Sunday morning housecleaning w @TwitCleaner, a great program that deletes fake, inactive and unwanted twitter followers. Save so much time!

  • @betaburns
    Ahhh, that's better! I feel so fresh and free! I love Twit Cleaner.

  • @darwincommarts
    wanna clean up your twitter profile and connections? try @TwitCleaner it's efficient and painless!

  • @Michael_French
    Swathes of spambots and idiots culled from my feed once again thanks to @TwitCleaner

  • @elebelfiore
    I found @TwitCleaner very helpful when I had the same problem last week. My TL is now much easier to follow -

  • @Tzadhiqua
    ThankYOU!!!!! BRILLIANT Much Appreciated @TwitCleaner

  • @chrisgdack
    Wonderful tool, I love @TwitCleaner

  • @tiny_beans
    Most useful Twitter app ever goes to @TwitCleaner, thanks to @brenasmith for tipping me off!

  • @smqueue
    Clean Your Tweetstream! by @TwitCleaner

  • @luke_lilford
    Why I have not used @TwitCleaner before -I dont know!!! #Brilliant

  • @svitekphotos
    I can't recommend @TwitCleaner enough: One of the best services that I ever found! Thanks @DaveFeltonPhoto for telling me about it!

  • @RichardEDerrJr
    Awesome device. Highly recommended!

  • @gingerjust
    Happy with the results of @TwitCleaner Recommended :)

  • @AlexTambascio
    I shed some serious #weight today thanks to @TwitCleaner BooYah! #oomf

  • @ImpactStager
    Just used @TwitCleaner to make sense of my followers. Easy and very informative! #antispam #love

  • @JLaBouchardiere
    Eye-opener: @TwitCleaner

  • @Essince
    Man, I just used @TwitCleaner and it's awesome. Realized the bums filling my TL I politely followed back unfollowed me. lol CLEANED UP!

  • @brigflan
    think you are fabulous and will definitely be recommending you to people again.

  • @BookBuzzr
    - just love what you guys have built. Very thoughtful interface and interaction design. Kudos!

  • @rrocha4343
    Muy buena herramienta ,para analizar tu cuenta .Gracias @TwitCleaner


  • @localsocial
    great job and very useful service! Thanks -. #efficiency #cleanyourtweets

  • @tonyaburrows
    you rock! I was so overwhelmed with my tweet stream until you cleaned it up for me. Thanks!

  • @S_KimaniM
    hahahahahahahahha! yo! twitcleaner is really dope! its amazing!

  • @PaulaAltenburg
    I've discovered I totally love @TwitCleaner . It cleaned up a lot of white noise!

  • @RavenG999
    My thanks to @TwitCleaner for clearing out the spammers, non-engagers & egg heads for me, you're the best! I highly recommend them!

  • @ky1921
    If you want to clean up your twitter, use @TwitCleaner !! It's really neat & helps ya weed out pointless accounts.

  • @Carol_Stephen
    And I love @TwitCleaner's newest category of who's not following. That was an eye opener. I'll bet a few people don't know about it.

  • @YudyHardy
    Twitcleaner,cara cepat menemukan org2 yg cuma cari follower di twitter, sok kayak org terkenal, follower banyak, padahal sampah @TwitCleaner

  • @gerdiendb
    Handig Twitter opruimhulpje met verhelderende user-beschrijvingen: dodgy / app spam / egg head / snob: @TwitCleaner

  • @dan_alphabet
    This works insanely well. @TwitCleaner Used it today. Breaks down by refollow, what they tweet about, RTers, link pushers -

  • @Kevin_Duong
    LOOL this app is amazing @TwitCleaner

  • @ItsTheReview
    Ok it's official, I love @TwitCleaner. Excellent service and the report produced is so in-depth and useful! I recommend it #ITR

  • @Farawloo
    Such an amazing site

  • @JCJanetCarter
    So love @TwitCleaner easy to follow and feeling totally twitter refreshed !

  • @Carol_Stephen
    Ty4Rt! What can I say? @TwitCleaner is my favorite. Now it's even more of a favorite, if that's possible. :-)

  • @ItsTheReview
    Ok it's official, I love @TwitCleaner. Excellent service and the report produced is so in-depth and useful! I recommend it #ITR

  • @1dozymoo
    How can anyone do without @TwitCleaner Get rid of all the dross you followed and have a good clearout! Thanks for my report as always x

  • @Ella_saartje
    Mijn lijst is weer opgeruimd dank zij @TwitCleaner bedankt daarvoor:-)

  • @Lady_Aleena
    I love @TwitCleaner! :)

  • @TeddyDamnBear
    All right! Unfollowed a bunch of unfollowers, so I'm ready to add followers! Highly recommend @TwitCleaner!

  • @That_princess_
    use @TwitCleaner it works magically!

  • @Carol_Stephen
    What can I say? @TwitCleaner is my favorite. Now it's even more of a favorite, if that's possible. :-)

  • @Jane_St_Clair
    Are you tired of hearing from me how great @TwitCleaner is? I can't help it, everyone in the Twitter-Machine to know about its greatness!

  • @essentialpa
    What an eye opener Twit Cleaner is -shows up some surprising facts! Cleanse time.

  • @Carol_Stephen
    My favorite tool for managing followers is @TwitCleaner. Easy to use, funny names. Did I mention easy to use? And funny lists!

  • @brandyleebell
    would you like to be my new #BFF? your service ROCKS!

  • @Farctum
    I use @TwitCleaner which I find excellent

  • @TheBestBitYet
    Want some therapy? Free? Use @TwitCleaner to find out who you're following that adds no value to your Twitter feed. It gave me 5 minutes fun

  • @Shasta_Otter
    Peeps, I'd recommend @TwitCleaner for cleaning out your followers. It's very detailed, and easy to use.

  • @maximusimpact
    This tool rocks!

  • @yrlocalmarkets
    Highly recommend @TwitCleaner, especially in identifying inactive accounts. I had oodles.

  • @EarnASAP
    Just used to make sense of my followers. Easy and very informative! #antispam

  • @nicelittleplace
    If you've not discovered it @TwitCleaner is quite brilliant :-)

  • @apombalivre2
    : You are Totally Awesome :) #Rocking thanks for all the great help and info ** #Gratitude #Love

  • @TheAdamDavis
    twitcleaner is awesome.

  • @meeeesuperman

  • @SaiFlora
    Oh i love @TwitCleaner :)

  • @That_princess_
    I seriously love @TwitCleaner it helped me find out what bitches unfollow me! Muhahah

  • @sassygirlcanada
    Twit Cleaner is awesome! So is reducing the list of people I follow. :)

  • @TheGFJournal
    Officially in love with ??

  • @StrictlyBitchy
    I actually really love, you guys should check it out. ??

  • @MegmacPR
    Just did some "fine pruning" of my Twitter stream using @TwitCleaner , a very insightful and useful tool.

  • @threesixtyhr
    Highly recommend using Twit Cleaner from @TwitCleaner Quick, straightforward reports. Really easy to use.

  • @RavenG999
    I have used it for long time, I love it. @TwitCleaner is wonderful! They have warned me of issues a few times before twitter

  • @VeronicaPullen
    do the Twitcleaner scan - trust me. You're in control but it's quicker & easier to do using their report

  • @VeronicaPullen
    I'd recommend you use @TwitCleaner to scan yr account & remove people who have left Twitter so you can follow new peeps too

  • @RavenG999
    I will be doing my follows later, running @TwitCleaner to eliminate spammers, eggheads, non-engagers. I like keeping my stream positive

  • @neilhimself
    thank you!

  • @Trudski2012
    awww, it's the best app, you're the best app.

  • @CodeSe7en
    twitcleaner just helped me really deep clean my Twitter account. Love it.

  • @Trudski2012
    Just used @TwitCleaner it's such a great app :-)

  • @h0ranbieber
    twitcleaner is my fave

  • @RecruitGal
    Just had an early morning clear out using @Twitcleaner - what a nifty little tool.

  • @xterres
    Es importante controlar el número de perfiles que seguimos en Twitter. Les recomiendo @TwitCleaner una gran herramienta

  • @claude59orchies
    Pour faire un peu le ménage dans votre TL : @TwitCleaner est efficace et rapide -

  • @DitziMamaShawna
    Y'all know what? @TwitCleaner is THE BEST!

  • @emikatj
    Hey, I feel like all I do is yammer on about how amazing @TwitCleaner is, but seriously, do it, and we'll talk about how awesome it is.

  • @Penn36
    (Seriously, @TwitCleaner is useful).

  • @justex07
    I LOVE @TwitCleaner!

  • @notaskinnymini
    used @TwitCleaner this morning. Very simple and useful tool, and friendly too! It's always nice when someone replies to messages :-D #real

  • @AneelaRosePR
    We've just used @TwitCleaner to tidy up our account, very quick & easy, recommend.

  • @JackJohnsonTHFC
    Great service!! Works wonders for your Twitter. Thanks guys:-)

  • @Swimstar2000
    Thanks for helping me sort out who I am following ,such a quick service . I am very impressed

  • @Hudsonaccountan
    I do like @TwitCleaner for helping me keep my timeline full of interesting people and cleaning up those who just self-promote

  • @maddiet5
    Thanks @TwitCleaner, you make unfollowing inactive accounts heaps easier

  • @KateDonahuePDX
    OMGoodness @TwitCleaner I thought I couldn't love you guys more, and then you added a section to unfollow all the people who don't follow u.

  • @cheznadia
    Pour un regard analytique sur les façons d'utiliser Twitter et pour faire un petit ménage on peut essayer @TwitCleaner

  • @harleystea
    seriously I dont use many twitter apps but the tweet I just sent about @TwitCleaner is genuine, Ive had a good tidy up today thanks to them

  • @Peady
    Hee hee! @TwitCleaner really *is* an excellent tool though!

  • @SherrieGG
    Thanks, Si, you're the best, in my book.

  • @ruairimckiernan
    Doing a bit of new year's twitter spring cleaning and definitely recommend checking out @TwitCleaner -

  • @MazzleUK
    Brilliant service you're running Si, helped me trim couple hundred bad folks with ease!

  • @GaryLWest
    Using @TwitCleaner to clean up my account. I like the way their reports break down Twitter behavior. Check it out at:

  • @PathWaysPolicy
    Not one to tweet about apps, but I just used @TwitCleaner & it was amazing! Highly recommend for cleaning up your feed

  • @deeblick
    My favourite twitter tool this week? @TwitCleaner for analysing your followers and telling you whether you feature on any bad lists!

  • @MommyMonologues
    I use @TwitCleaner all the time to make sure that my twitter feed stays full of all the ppl I love to talk to! Thanks y'all!

  • @tarabrooks
    Cleaned the crap out of my follow list with @TwitCleaner. So nice! Way more simple than trying to do it in-app or on

  • @AlisonRapping
    Yes, I love @TwitCleaner. Great tool!

  • @Sonnet_147
    Wow! I was really amazed for the 1st time I use it. Great job Twit Cleaner. I love you! :)

  • @Jenna_Sangria
    Seriously everyone use @TwitCleaner I am not being paid to promote this. It is an awesome app to get rid of the twitter clutter. New TL!

  • @Jenna_Sangria
    .@TwitCleaner is the shit.

  • @davidamodt
    using @TwitCleaner to do some twitter cleanup in 2013, pretty cool so far.

  • @BrandonLewin
    Time to clean house this morning with a little @TwitCleaner #2013



  • @JudyLeeDunn
    Thanks @BeckyMcCray for the info on @TwitCleaner. What an efficient way to do a little New Year's housecleaning!

  • @kyranpittman
    Maybe the most helpful thing about @TwitCleaner is the ability to run a report on your own twitter patterns. Neat app!

  • @rikbarker
    Just tried out @TwitCleaner as a way of removing unused or garbage Twitter accounts. Quite impressed

  • @BubsyBarr
    I've just had an @TwitCleaner run, quite handy for knowing who's not active!

  • @parkersarms
    Love @TwitCleaner fantastic stuff thanks

  • @NadaCintaFanss
    #Thebestmoment2012 is knowing you. Happy New Year 2013

  • @DabneyPorte
    Cleaning my nest -so sparkly! Bye Bye Spam and Bots & BIG hugs to YOU @TwitCleaner #SmGirlfriends

  • @karleensmith
    I used @TwitCleaner which I was impressed with actually, really interesting the way it categorises.

  • @brettstersview
    Just unfollowed a lot of Tweeps using @TwitCleaner. It's a really useful tool!

  • @RedCatSarah
    just had a clean up using @Twitcleaner :) #GreatTool

  • @JacobNordby
    I like to use @TwitCleaner for two reasons: 1). make sure I'm only following REAL connectors & 2). Check out my own activity for quality

  • @lediamedia
    Massive Twitter clean up for fresh start in 2013. Used @TwitCleaner (free service, makes unfollowing easy Thanks Si!

  • @Dbazza17
    Just used @TwitCleaner, very useful. Strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to clean their twitter feed up, check it out

  • @DerPeder
    Ernsthaft, gutes Tool dieser @TwitCleaner - empfehlenswert zum Timeline-Ausmisten.

  • @WGeorgeCook
    I go through my follow list and clean up every few months using @TwitCleaner. I suggest you do the same if you have too much noise!

  • @Carol_Stephen
    My favorite tool for managing followers is @TwitCleaner. Easy to use, funny names. Did I mention easy to use? And funny lists!

  • @a_robinson
    thanks for doing a great job with #twitcleaner

  • @Mcomsec
    Sweet Jesus - @TwitCleaner !! The new sliced bread. #twittertools #awesome

  • @surreallyno
    OK, have to say it. I am happy that @TwitCleaner exists. It makes Twitter life so much easier. Really. #edtech

  • @innovaser2010
    Is your Twitter feed full of spam and you fancy a purge? The Twit Cleaner tool at is brilliant

  • @H2O_Control
    Loving how easy and simple to clean the garbage from my Twitter follows with @TwitCleaner - Try it

  • @rrocha4343
    Muy buena aplicación .Te da estadísticas de quienes sigues. @TwitCleaner

  • @alexsteed
    Awesome. @TwitCleaner is a pretty sweet tool.

  • @akstout18
    @TwitCleaner is my favorite

  • @Digital_Tavern
    Loving how easy and simple to clean the garbage from my Twitter follows with @TwitCleaner - Try it now

  • @mike1terry1
    is Totally Fantastic!!!

  • @scoutout
    Looked at a few apps to help sort & unfollow. Like @TwitCleaner best - helped just purge abt 400 mostly inactive in minutes. :)

  • @SueTandT
    I deeply appreciate your service ((Hugs))

  • @RosyHolt
    Can highly recommend @TwitCleaner > great for cleaning up your Twitter feed and free of charge too!

  • @FartingDuck
    Just used @TwitCleaner for the first time in a long time -Really like what I'm seeing..You should try it !

  • @bpeconstruction
    I like - very useful too and if you tweet @TwitCleaner you find an actual (and lovely) human being replies!

  • @LavishFoxNL
    that twitcleaner shit really worked.

  • @readyBUZZ
    Appreciate you! Recommended for business owners who want to keep their social community real!

  • @ZenYinger
    You guys are the best. THANKS SO MUCH! # HappyHolidays !

  • @Hudsonaccountan
    I love what @TwitCleaner has to say about some of the people I follow. Run your own report to see if you are as interesting as you think.

  • @kaliczi
    thanks for your help! Great app you've got! :)

  • @topsponsor
    I just cleaned my Twitter of inactive users - with TWIT CLEANER YAY! — @TwitCleaner Check 'em out! It's FREE!

  • @HumanTourniquet
    .I just used @TwitCleaner. It's jolly marvellous. I thoroughly recommend it. Plus, it says a lot of you are awesome #keepers

  • @KateDonahuePDX
    Thanks, @TwitCleaner !! <3

  • @ArianaCreative
    thanks @TwitCleaner <3

  • @GREENTEC1995
    Tuesday House Cleaning - Just Used @TwitCleaner - Great Tool

  • @KidsGoGuides
    Thanks Twit cleaner, that was better than a trip the shrink. Am revitalized :-)

  • @FreddyOrtizV
    Great app. Wao Thanks.

  • @moritherapy
    i totally like @TwitCleaner. it's what i've been looking for for a while


  • @TeamDrizzyCB
    I love @TwitCleaner ??????????????

  • @hcobieber
    okay @TwitCleaner is officially my best friend.

  • @CordieV

    Awwww - I

  • @Jane_St_Clair
    Have I mentioned lately my love for @TwitCleaner? It's like Christmas comes early every time I use them!

  • @janesgrapevine
    you're welcome, of allthe great Twitter tools out there yours is the best

  • @rrocha4343
    Muy buena aplicación .Puedes ver muchos datos de a quienes sigues. @TwitCleaner

  • @ATLHearts1D
    Twitcleaner is actually the greatest app ever. Who knew I was following so many people who haven't tweeted in 700 days?

  • @neilmorrison
    You're a go to on Twitter for me. Thank YOU for creating such a brilliant site! :)

  • @CherylBle
    Re-tuning who I follow on Twitter using @TwitCleaner -.truly is one of the best ways to scan & evaluate chatter going on in ur feed #smem

  • @alovedlife
    I use @TwitCleaner and it's kind of magical

  • @goodgoogs
    twitcleaner is great

  • @LarsvonS
    Thing I love of the day: @TwitCleaner - clean that list out!

  • @Tetracarbon
    I just ran Twit Cleaner and was able to clean up the trash fills my twit-stream. =) Definitely recommend: @TwitCleaner

  • @Dineinout
    is a fab tool just unfollowed over 70 tweops who haven't tweeted in over a month. #wavesgoodbye

  • @endurancejer
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Twitter's first major update to its API went live today.

Here's how it impacts Twit Cleaner.

In short? We can no longer support large users, where "large" currently equals about 50k friends (those you're following), but may drop further if I find the system is still struggling.

Why is this happening?

Well, as you know, Twit Cleaner does a lot of analysis. This requires a LOT of data.

Twitter puts limits on how much data-per-hour you can get from it. Specifically, how many things you can ask for ("requests").

Previously, we were able to make 20,000 requests per hour - and that included any kind of request (eg, getting your profile image, your user information, your tweets, your friends, who you've talked to, etc).

Now, each type of request is broken into its own tiny little bucket, and each bucket is very, very small. Most of them are limited to one request per minute.

Twit Cleaner depends pretty heavily on analysing the tweets that someone has made (not just the easy, fast basic info you can get - bio, profile image, following/follower counts etc). This is why our reports take so much longer than any other unfollowing/analysis service out there. We dig deeper so we can (I like to think) add more value.

In order to do this, we have to make 1.01 (sometimes 2.01) requests (plus a little overhead) per person you're following.

You follow 5k people? We have to make 5,050 requests to Twitter. 5000 of one kind (tweets), 50 of the other (user info).

You follow 100k people? We have to make 101,000 requests.

At 20,000 requests per hour, that meant we could get a report in five hours, although with a bit of clever jiggery pokery (caching like crazy) we can usually cut that in half - ie, operating at about the maximum speed Twitter can send data to us anyway.

At 60 requests per hour (and assuming we're similarly clever), doing a report for someone following 100k people would now take 101,000/60/2 = three and a half days. Now, we can definitely get that timeframe down a bit, but it requires an enormous drain on the server, and it's still going to be slow as heck. Oh, plus it'll slow things down for everyone else (despite my best efforts).

I don't like slow. I really don't like slow.

So, much as I hate to do this - and it sucks, it really does, I'm going to have to stop supporting large users. Why should you be penalised, just because you're popular/successful/cute? I don't know. Maybe best to ask Twitter that.

The good news is, most accounts aren't large. The average following count is 500. So, most of you guys will be zippier than ever (not being slowed down by other people hogging server resources).

Since one 100k account uses 200 times as many resources (cpu/bandwidth/database contention/grey hair) as your average account, this is probably one of those "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" things. Mostly people will be better off, but I'm still sad not to be able to help larger users more.

Oh, and I've also had to shut down the Retweets section of the website (which was super-cute, I thought). The new version of the API just doesn't support it any more.

Kind of a sad day.